Administration / Office Staff

  • Debra Tarver
  • Tiffany Sutton
    Tiffany Sutton Principal
  • Janine Kirchner
    Janine Kirchner Registrar
  • Crystal Arrants
    Crystal Arrants Receptionist / Food Service Director


  • Jasmine Bonds
    Jasmine Bonds TK TEACHER
  • Ana Abrego
    Ana Abrego Kindergarten Teacher
  • Jessica Schugardt
    Jessica Schugardt KINDERGARTEN TEACHER
  • Jeanette Martinez
    Jeanette Martinez KINDERGARTEN TEACHER
  • La Kiesha Waddis
    La Kiesha Waddis 1ST GRADE TEACHER
  • Jacqueline Jackson
    Jacqueline Jackson 1ST GRADE TEACHER
  • Melany Arista
    Melany Arista 1ST GRADE TEACHER
  • Katelyn McKinley
    Katelyn McKinley 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Samantha Wren
    Samantha Wren 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Cierra Crampton
    Cierra Crampton 2ND GRADE TEACHER
  • Kimberly Lemmon
    Kimberly Lemmon 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Crystal Stone
    Crystal Stone 3RD GRADE TEACHER
  • April Newsome
    April Newsome 3RD GRADE TEACHER
  • Heather Bjornberg
    Heather Bjornberg 4TH GRADE TEACHER
  • Deenica Burns
    Deenica Burns 4TH GRADE TEACHER
  • Justine Farinelli
    Justine Farinelli 4TH GRADE TEACHER
  • Carina Piarulli
    Carina Piarulli 4TH GRADE TEACHER
  • Lewis Kumalae
    Lewis Kumalae 5TH GRADE TEACHER
  • Christina Bentz
    Christina Bentz 5th Grade Teacher
  • Carole Milton
    Carole Milton 5TH GRADE TEACHER
  • Ann Shirk
  • Francisca Vargas
    Francisca Vargas 6th Grade Teacher
  • Dana Vance
    Dana Vance 6th Grade Teacher
  • Heather Bjornberg
    Heather Bjornberg 7TH GRADE TEACHER
  • Maylin Lusk
    Maylin Lusk 7TH GRADE TEACHER

Supporting Staff

  • Tina Fryberger
    Tina Fryberger Director of Special Education
  • Keith Belton
    Keith Belton Educational Psychologist
  • Melissa Carey
    Melissa Carey Counselor
  • Patricia Thayer
    Patricia Thayer Music Teacher
  • Natalie Granados
    Natalie Granados Proctor
  • JoAnne Decoud
    JoAnne Decoud proctor
  • Jessica Guevara
    Jessica Guevara proctor
  • Gabriella Navarro
    Gabriella Navarro proctor
  • Virginia Lockett
    Virginia Lockett 1st – 2nd Paraeducator
  • Kathy Tolliver
    Kathy Tolliver 5th – 6th Paraeducator
  • Carla Rodriguez
    Carla Rodriguez EL Paraeducator
  • Gwen Humphrey
    Gwen Humphrey Speech Therapist
  • Leticia Shorter
    Leticia Shorter LRC
  • Arianna Villa
    Arianna Villa LRC Aide
  • Alexandria Patino
    Alexandria Patino LRC Aide
  • Marnie Mataiumu
    Marnie Mataiumu LRC Aide
  • Laura Polanco
  • Patricia Reed
    Patricia Reed Residential Substitute
  • Brittney Gleason
    Brittney Gleason Residential Substitute
  • James Verdin
    James Verdin Lead Maintenance
  • Abel Baynardo
    Abel Baynardo Maintenance
  • Arturo Orzco
    Arturo Orzco Maintenance
  • Miranda Medina
    Miranda Medina Lead Food Service Worker
  • Martha Ramirez
    Martha Ramirez Cafeteria Cashier
  • Berlin Upshaw
    Berlin Upshaw Food Service Worker
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