We believe a scholar’s behavior and attitude are related to his or her appearance. We want students to attend school and focus on academics and scholarly behavior and not focus on what brand of clothing they are wearing. Therefore, we have implemented a dress code policy for all students. It is our desire to foster good grooming and good judgment as well as make all our scholars feel that they are as equally important to our staff and to their peer. This policy is mandatory for all DTPA scholars. Parents may request an exemption for their scholar(s) from any provision of the dress code policy for religious or other reasons by contacting the Desert Trails Preparatory Academy principal. Scholars are required to wear their uniforms each and every day as stated in the dress code policy unless otherwise informed.

  • SHOES: Shoes may be athletic shoes, or standard oxford casual or dress shoes. They may not have steel toes. They may not have heels of any height, be opened-toed, high-top platforms, combat boots or cowboy boots.
  • SOCKS: Any color socks are allowed, with no pictures. If the socks are longer than crew-length, they must be rolled down, scrunched or cuffed. They may not extend up beneath the legs of shorts.
  • BELTS: Belts are optional, but if they are worn, they must be plain, black belts with plain buckles. Those with initials, designs, logos, etc. will be taken from the scholar and returned only to a parent/guardian. Belt ends must not be left hanging loose or drooping below belt loops.
  • SHIRTS / SWEATERS / JACKETS: Only white, gold, or navy blue polo shirts with logo may be worn. Desert Trails’ polo shirts are available at Hattrix and must be worn. Girls may wear white, gold, or navy blue polo without the logo under the jumpers. Boys may wear white, gold, or navy blue polo without the logo under a navy blue vest. All jackets must be removed upon entrance in the classroom
  • PANTS: Pants must be Dickies brand (navy blue or khaki). Pants may not be more than one size too large in the waist and may not be baggy, even if they fit in the waist. Pants must be hemmed, may not be split or cut at the hem and may not drag on the ground. Female scholars are to wear pants that are fitted but not skin tight. Pants and shorts may not have cargo or cell phone pockets or be made of corduroy/jean material.
  • SHORTS / SKIRTS / JUMPERS: Shorts follow the same guidelines as pants. Shorts, skirts and jumpers may not be shorter than mid-thigh or extend more than two inches below the knee from a standing position. Capri’s for girls are not acceptable. Hems must be finished and shorts may not have rolled or cuffed hems.
  • HAIR: All scholars must be well groomed each day. Only individuals’ natural hair color is acceptable. Mohawks, Fohawks, no feathers (Colored, clipped or braided in the hair), spiked, duck tails or shaved cuts are not permitted. Hair should be neatly groomed on a daily basis without all the new fads. We will be involved with our community so professional appearance is a necessity.
  • JEWELRY / HEAD COVERINGS: Scholars are only permitted to wear simple gold or silver chains and bracelets. Studded type earrings are allowed; no dangling or hoops or any kind may be worn. Additionally, bandanas, hats, or any head coverings of any kind are not permitted. Also, no facial piercing is permitted.

The dress code policy will be followed at all times with no exceptions for incorrect uniform pieces (unless an exemption has been requested and approved by the school principal). Everyone must adhere to the policy. No student shall be sent home from school or denied attendance to school, or penalized academically or otherwise discriminated against, for arriving at school in clothing that does not comply with this Policy. However, if the scholar is not wearing the appropriate uniform parents/guardians will be notified immediately to bring the proper clothing to school. If the parent cannot provide conforming clothing, the student will be provided with conforming clothing by the school that must be worn for the day. Scholars will not be allowed in the classroom until they are in the proper uniform.


Hattrix is an embroidery store that makes all of our DTPA logo shirts.  The logos are embroidered onto each shirt, they are not patches. Shirts are on the shelves ready to be purchased at $17.00 each or if you buy 3 or more the cost of each shirt drops to $15.00.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 9:30a – 5:00p
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

They are located at 15330 Anacapa Road, Unit 4, Victorville, CA 92392
For more information you may call Hattrix directly at (760) 843-8011 or follow the link below to their website.

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