Our vision for Desert Trails Preparatory Academy is to equip all scholars, regardless of race, ethnicity, or economic status, with the tools they need to be successful students throughout their lives.

  • We envision a school where scholars can be Optimistic about their futures.
  • We envision a school where scholars learn to use Wisdom and make wise choices.
  • We envision a school that develops a drive for Life-long learning in our scholars.  
  • We envision a school where the measure of Success is a person’s ability to respect differences in others,
    strive for excellence in everything they do, believe in themselves and what they can achieve,
    and come to the realization that their capacity for learning is never completely realized.


Drawing upon the tradition of classical education, Desert Trails Preparatory Academy was established to follow the steps of it’s mentor, LaVerne Elementary Preparatory Academy.  Academia (docere), discipline (disciplina), and virtuous character (virtus) are integrated in the formation of a Desert Trails Preparatory Academy scholar.  These attributes will continue to form scholar’s minds throughout life, long after they have left their school days behind.

The school is committed to educating the individual child and helping each student in the acquisition of knowledge and the wisdom necessary to apply it correctly.  Every child is capable of achieving his of her potential to the fullest extent when afforded respect, fairness, kindness, loving discipline, and appropriate instruction. Dress code will help scholars to focus on learning, academics, development and creativity.

Scholars will benefit through the use of a structured program rich with classical curriculum that will provide a strong relationship with their teachers, staff and peers.  Scholars will achieve academically, socially, and through their accomplishments will see themselves as important contributors to their lives as well as that of others.  Teachers will be allowed to passionately engage scholars in their profession through the encouragement and involvement of staff, scholars, and parents.  The Director/Principal, will be empowered to oversee the effective management of the school.  Teachers, scholars and the administration will work as a team to accomplish the goal of the most effective and valued learning environment for students.  Parents will be able to participate in the day-to-day operations of the school and will be given frequent feedback on the progress of their children.

The school is committed to the education of each scholar by helping them to acquire knowledge and the wisdom necessary to apply that knowledge.  With the school providing moral and ethical standards, Desert Trails will prepare it’s scholars to accept the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society that honors and respects everyone.  Every child is capable of achieving his potential to the fullest extent when afforded respect, fairness, kindness, discipline and appropriate instruction.

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